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Associate Membership

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What is Associate Membership in the CHT Rotary Club?

  • The CHT Rotary Associate Membership allows an individual to become associated with our club and show support for our mission of combatting human trafficking.

Who can apply for Associate Membership of the CHT Rotary Club?

  • Friends of the Club wishing to be involved

  • Active Rotary Members from another Rotary Club

  • Former Active Members of CHT Rotary Club who were in good standing at their departure as a member may apply 12 months after their departure

  • Young leaders and students wanting to be involved but not able to join as Active Members due to time restraints or budget

Is an Associate Member registered with Rotary International?

  • No, Associate Members are not registered with Rotary International nor with our District. 

Does the CHT Rotary Club approve a prospective Associate Member? 

  • Yes, the prospective Associate Member submits the Associate Membership Application and the CHT Board of Directors will vote on the application at the CHT Monthly Board Meeting, which occurs the fourth Thursday of every month.

Can the Associate Member be an active member of another Rotary Club?

  • Yes

Does an Associate Member have a vote on club matters? 

  • No

Can an Associate Member hold office in the Rotary Club? 

  • Associate members are not entitled to hold any club office, but they are encouraged to work with club committees. 

What are the fees for an Associate Member? 

  • $30 annually and membership dues will not be prorated

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Associate Membership

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll contact you after the CHT Rotary

Board of Directors votes on your application.

If you'd like to pay the $30 annual Associate Membership Fee through PayPal, our email is:

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